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A finely micronized hyaluronic acid

The innovative H.M.D. technology conveys an outstanding level of crosslinking and a highly micronized hyaluronic acid

Thanks to H.M.D. technology and its advanced crosslinking process, iALUGEN® PROMISS products have a high level of reticulation, which confers both ideal elasticity and resistance to degradation for a long-lasting filling effect.

Precisely micronized, the iALUGEN® PROMISS highly-crosslinked hyaluronic acid is contained in fine particles. This innovative process allows higher injectability profile(3) to permit pliant and better-controlled injections for the comfort of your patients.

An easy-to-inject product


Thanks to its high micronization, the hyaluronic acid in iALUGEN® PROMISS products offers exceptional viscosity properties, facilitating its passage through the needle. The enhanced suppleness of the gel means that both you and your patients benefit from an optimally comfortable injection(1)(3).

Beauty has a new secret, iALUGEN ESTEEM and it’s H.M.D technology

(1) Global satisfaction study performed on 48 patients.

(2) Clinical evaluation iALUGEN Promiss – Technical file ed.2015 – November 2015.

(3) Technical report 12q013: Determination of Extrusion Force of Different syringes Filled with Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel (Feb 2012)